How to Score Free Stuff

Wondering how to score some awesome free stuff? Sometimes it's as easy as filling out a form. Other times you have to look a little further and realize the benefit of rewards programs.

For example, Charter Communications has a rewards points program where customers earn points each time they pay their bill and do other activities related to cable/internet services. Then every month or so, there are Live It With Charter Redemption Days where you can redeem your "Live It Points" (which don't cost you a cent to earn) for free stuff! I've already taken advantage of this several times, and this latest time I redeemed my Live It points for an insulated tote bag - which I think will be perfect for bagging frozen groceries this summer or going on picnics.

The other thing I redeemed my Live It points for this time was a canvas hanging bag for storing & reusing plastic bags. These are pretty nice items and didn't cost me a thing! Of course, they have different logos on them - Live It With Charter and HGTV - but they are still useful items that I wanted. And these were on the lower end of the points scale, Live It With Charter also offers higher quality items like DVDs, game sets, and other big items if you save up your points longer.

So take advantage of points redemption programs through your service providers, grocery stores (Earn rewards bucks at CVS & Walgreens), and other places you regularly shop or buy services. It's an easy - but often overlooked - way to get some cool stuff for free!

Another thing is to take advantage of free samples. I recently signed up for the Target Beauty Is My Bag promotion and got a super cute little makeup bag filled with goodies! I got a full sized lip balm, small bottles of lotion and shampoo, some other samples and of course a booklet of Target coupons.

Unfortunately this promotion has already run out, but Target constantly offers free samples on it's Sample page on their website and you don't want to miss out on these offers! There are also free samples offered through Walmart, Sam's Club, and other store websites, so keep your eyes open and I will be sure to post as many freebie alerts as I can here on Cheapskate4Life!


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