New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, cheapskates!

I decided to make some resolutions this year, but instead of choosing something impossible or complicated, I created simple resolutions that I know I can accomplish and that will improve my life. Here they are:

Resolution #1:  Be early (or at least on time) for work every day.
Resolution #2:  Smile more.
Resolution #3:  Continue weight loss.
Resolution #4:  Focus on blogging.
Resolution #5:  Finish the books I begin.
Resolution #6:  Make good use of my free time.

Pretty simple right?

What are your resolutions for 2011? 


Hi! Happy New Year! Great resolutions! I actually didn't make any this year.
Caren Gittleman said…
great resolutions! I actually heard a word I like better when I was reading the blog "I Have Cat"...she said she was making "refinements" instead of "resolutions". Resolutions are too easy to break and are too definitive. "Refinements" implies tweaking and improving what already is, sooooo I am making "refinements!"

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