Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

Aurorae Yoga is a company whose goal is to make its customers' yoga experience more enjoyable. Aurorae offers ultra thick, extra long yoga mats as well as "Slip Free" accessories including the famous Aurorae Slip-Free Rosin Bag and the Aurorae Sport Sweat Towel.

I was given an Aurorae Ultra Thick, Extra Long Yoga Mat and Slip Free Rosin Bag for review. I received a pink yoga mat which measures 72x24 inches and has a 1/4 inch thickness to provide enough cushion and comfort to protect knees and joints without being too thick to grip. The eco-friendly material molds hands and feet to the mat with immediate recovery so it helps give a foundation for poses. This odor-free yoga mat also includes a unique focal point icon to help users focus on their poses and maximize the calming and stress relief yoga encourages.

The Aurorae extra long yoga mat comes in a variety of colors that define your inner self, bringing out your natural aura. According to the illumination chart, my pink mat is Hope and means intuitive, faithful, visionary, power of positive thought, energetic and healing. The pink color is very calming and the thick material and length of the mat is perfect for yoga, pilates, or any floor exercises.

I also received a slip free rosin bag which is used to increase gripping power and absorb perspiration. It is non sticky and has no odor, and is easily used by dabbing the bag on you mat and and on your hands and feet. This worked really well and you couldn't even see or feel the rosin.

All in all I am very impressed with Aurorae Yoga's mats and slip-free products. They are very high quality and make the yoga experience even better.

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. As part of the One2One Network, I will e entered into a drawing for posting this review.


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