Whirl-a-Style Review {Holiday Gift Guide}

Whirl-a-Style is a hairdressing tool that addresses the versatile needs of women with active “on the go” lifestyles. These are useful and easy hair styling tools that allow the hair to be pulled back in a twist or bun without the use of bobby pins or claw clips. All Whirl-a-Style hair stylist tools have a special slit through the center of the product where the hair is pulled, then rolled and styled as desired. Their simple, unique design does not pull hair or add weight to the head, both of which have been known to cause discomfort and headaches with other products.

Whirl-a-Style professional hair tools are made from a flexible synthetic material which grips the hair without tangling it. They are available in 5 different sizes and 12 exciting colors. Each size is designed to fit your specific hair type and desired style.

I received a Jumbo Large brown Whirl-a-Style for my long, thin hair. Honestly when I first got it, I was so excited to try it but completely clueless about how to use it! The first few times I tried to put it in (without looking at the directions), I was so frustrated because I wasn't getting it right. But when I finally did figure it out and put in my first bun, I realized how easy and fast it was! And it looked awesome!  I got compliments right away on how great my hair looked.
I had previously been wearing a giant claw clip every day and not only did it give me headaches, but I'd have to adjust it all day because my hair would always fall out of it since I have thinner hair. Plus I could never rest my head back or my claw would dig into the back of my head. Even going to the dentist was a pain because I'd have to take my hair out of the claw clip just to sit in the darn chair! Well, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and guess what I'll be wearing?? My Whirl-a-Style!

I absolutely love this styling tool! Not only does it look awesome and make putting my hair up pain-free, but I put this little tool to the test and wore it for several of my workouts with amazing results! It was so awesome to be able to lay my head back on my yoga mat to do pilates and ab work, and I even went running outside in the wind with the Whirl-a-Style in and my hair stayed put! The Whirl-a-Style is great for exercise, sports, activities, work, and even for a night out. I have been wearing it every day and although I'm still getting the hang of using it for a bun, I'm looking forward to trying some of the other styles that are possible with the Whirl-a-Style!

At just $9-$10 dollars each, I highly recommend this styling tool for any woman! It will replace all your other claws, clips, and pins! (Also, make sure you check out the handy hairstyle tutorials at youtube.com/whirlastyle!)

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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