Walk at Home Review

I have been a fan of Leslie Sansone for a few years after buying one of her health plan books, and I was lucky enough to get to try one of her great Walk at Home DVD's for review! I received The Big Burn - 2 Miles of Intervals, which utilizes intervals of walking and jogging to increase calorie burn.

The Big Burn program includes:
  • A WARM UP Walk to get your ready to move fast!
  • A brisk pace averaging 4 mph, 5 mph and 5.5 mph
  • Mile Markers allow you to choose a 1 or 2 Mile Walk!
  • Multi- Muscle Moves- Compound exercises give you a bigger calorie burn!
  • A COOL DOWN WALK and healthy stretch to end!
Although this Walk at Home program is definitely a workout and a great boosted walk, it's something virtually anyone can do. There are no difficult moves or anything and Leslie even says during the workout that it doesn't matter if you are doing the "right" moves or keeping up with the music, as long as you just keep moving. She also gives a low-impact alternate option for the jogging parts so that even beginner's or out-of-shape walkers can still do the program. I love how simple and easy she makes it - No frills, no costumes, no over-the-top sets. Just Leslie and some of her fellow walkers working out in her fitness studio. I really like that because it's real, not an entertainment production.

I actually got a great workout from this boosted walk and was sweating plenty by the end of the program! It was great and is a great alternative to walking outside now that winter has begun. I also like that you don't need any accessories or special equipment - just a DVD player and walking shoes! It is so simple and anyone can do it. And it only takes 33 minutes. Plus there is a great variety of other Walk at Home programs for everyone from beginners to advanced walkers and runners.

You can join Leslie's Walk Challenges on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LeslieSansone and check out all the great DVDs at www.walkathome.com/!

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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