Some Tips About Email and Spam/Junk Folders

Here are a few of my own personal tips regarding email:

  1. Check your spam folder. Just look in it once in awhile, you don't have to open any of the emails to know if they are junk or valid. Even though there may never be any real email in there, you never know. Just yesterday I checked mine and saw an email from a fellow blogger letting me know I had won a blog giveaway I signed up for. Oftentimes, these emails end up in the spam folder since they are not addresses from your contact list. I have also had winners of my giveaways tell me they hadn't seen the email from me because it was in their spam folder. SO, if you sign up for blog giveaways, remember to occasionally check your spam folder!
  2. Use common sense when opening emails. When you have won a blog giveaway, the subject should usually be "Winner of the giveaway on Cheapskate4Life". That way you know where it's from and hopefully will recall signing up for that giveaway. If you don't recognize the subject, sender, or address, you don't have to open it OR you can open it without clicking on any links or clicking within the email, just open it to verify that it is or is not spam.
  3. Spam is usually obvious. I keep getting junk emails saying "You've won 800000 British pounds" or "UK winner" etc etc, and I think "Seriously? If you have to tell me what type of money I won, you really expect me to believe you?" And obviously any emails about winning a sum of money are spam. Same with emails with the subject line "Urgent, response needed from my dear friend" or "Loan you requested" and things like that. Ignore all those types of emails. Sometimes they end up in your inbox and don't get filtered to spam. Do NOT click on any links you are unsure of!!
  4. Never give out your personal or financial  information. Some spam emails ask for your hotmail or bank account numbers and passwords. Obviously NEVER send this information to anyone. Banks and companies like Paypal advise users that if they do get an email from the company (fake or real), do not click on any links but rather open  a new browser and pull up the main TCF/PayPal/Wells Fargo website and login to see if  there are any messages on your account there. Otherwise, hackers can send you an email "from" the bank and rig up a form that pops up with the link you click so that when you think you are logging into your online banking, you are really giving them all your information. This happened to a family member of mine a few years ago and she had to work with her bank to close down the account because of fraudulent charges. If in doubt, call the company directly. 
  5. Add to your address book if you sign up for my giveaways! That way you won't have to worry about any emails from me going into your spam folder. Do the same with people you communicate with and other blog giveaways you sign up for. Because after all, if you win, you want to know about it right?
Got anymore email tips? Let us know in the comments section!!


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