New Chapters in Life

This year has been all about changes for me. I have started many new chapters in my life so far in 2010, and I'm not done yet! Another new chapter is the Mary Kay business I started this week ( and then a week from now I will be making a career move to a new full-time job. I am very excited for this transition from one company to another, but in the meantime things have been a bit hectic and dramatic. I am happy to say that I will now have a little bit of time to focus on my Holiday Gift Guide and will be bringing you some amazing reviews and giveaways. So don't worry - things are gonna get rolling here soon! :)

Just wanted to keep you all up to date with what's going on with me, and feel free to leave a comment with any new chapters or changes that have happened in your life this year!! I have found that no matter what changes happen in my life, they always have a positive outcome or work together for a reason. So stay positive and remember that only you can change your life, no one can do it for you! As my recent human resources rep told me "If you're not happy with what you're doing or the people in your life - CHANGE IT! Start something new, find other friends, and move on to something better!"


Tara said…
I have had SO many things happen this year! My son was born in January, 11 weeks early. Because of that, I quit my job to be a stay at home mom. Then a couple months after he came home from the hospital my husband was offered a promotion/transfer so with two weeks notice we left our home and moved over three hours away. This year has definitely been full of change for us!
Changes can be hard but also can be great. I've had a busy up and down year. Congrats on the Mary Kay!

i'm a new follower on gfc and networked blogs.
Congrats! on the Mary Kay business. I sold Mary Kay for years and did well. It's fun and an excellent company to work for. You will enjoy it and post your website link so we can take a look at all the new products.
pmbaby said…
I am so proud of you!! And it is time to begin a new chapter in your life book. You only deserve te best!!!:)
Emma B. said…
Thank you all for your support!! I appreciate it so much :)
Good luck on the Mary Kay! It was a lot of fun years ago when I did it. I still use the products every day!

Thanks for swinging by my blog!
Excited to follow all your adventures now, too.

The Survival Mama
Emma B. said…
Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. It is really fun to hear about your positive experiences with Mary Kay! :)

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