Memory Minder Review {Holiday Gift Guide}

MemoryMinder Journals are quality diaries with user-friendly designs that enhance your body-health awareness, improve eating habits, reach fitness goals, maintain progress, or monitor overall health. Experts agree journaling can be key, so MemoryMinder has created journals for all of your health needs including the Diet Minder, Body Minder, Maintenance Minder, and the Health Minder. As an alternative to traditional blank-page diaries, Memory Minder's pre-formatted pages give you a gentle nudge toward the things you want to remember. The page layouts are easy to understand and easy-to-use yet still give space for individualized thoughts and recordings. Filling in the blanks provides an organized approach and creates a valuable resource for future reference.

I received the Diet Minder for review which I'm going to be giving to a family member for Christmas who is doing the Weight Watchers plan right now. The heart of the Diet Minder includes 3 months worth of daily entries where you can track everything you eat including calories, fat grams, carbs, fiber, protein, plus there are extra spaces on the chart to fill in anything else you want to track, such as Weight Watchers points! There are even spaces to track vitamins and physical activity, as well as a notes section and a scale you can mark to show whether you met your daily goal or not.

The Diet Minder also includes lots of great information in its introduction pages such as ways to measure weight, helpful websites, and calorie expenditure guides. My favorite part of the Diet Minder is that before any of the tracking pages begin, there is a Personal Goals page to write down your goal, plan, daily food targets, activity targets, and Before & After stats. There is even a page to paste your Before photo and After photo! I think this is imperative because when you lose weight at a normal rate, you may not notice the change in how you look until months later, at which point I usually think "Darn, why didn't I take a before photo!" So it is nice to have a place to keep these photos for a personal reminder of the benefits of losing weight and to show yourself the progress you've made as a motivational tool.

The Diet Minder features a leatherette cover with gold foil imprinting and high-quality spiral-bound pages. It  is available at many retail stores including GNC Nutrition Centers and Barnes& Noble Bookstores, as well as online at and for only $14.95.

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.



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