Halloween Costume Cocktail Party = A Success!

To wrap up my Halloween Haunt event here on Cheapskate4Life, I wanted to share some photos of my very successful and fun Halloween Costume Cocktail party on Saturday night. It was so much fun and everyone came in costume (well, almost everyone)! I gave prizes for Best Costume (1GB MP3 player!), Funniest Costume, and Worst Costume. My brother and I were the judges and then we had my dad be the "celebrity guest judge" since my dad ended up in the local paper that day for his army survivalist costume that he wore to work and caused a bit of a scare, lol. The party was great, lots of people came and enjoyed the food and company. Everything was perfect!


Looks like you all had a great party! I love love love throwing parties!
Brit said…
I had an awesome time at the party Emma, thanks for throwing it :)

- Brit
Emma B. said…
Aw thanks Brit, I'm so glad you came and were our Best Costume winner too! :)

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