Tag! I'm IT!

Thanks to Kristin over at Keenly Kristin for tagging me in this fun game!

Here's the deal: I answer these 8 questions, then I make up 8 questions and tag 8 people. Those 8 people will then hopefully answer the 8 questions that I made up! You can answer too!

1. What is your favorite dessert? Funfetti cake with frosting & sprinkles!
2.  What do you "collect"? Antique Avon bottles - the collection was started by my Grandma
3.  Who was your biggest celebrity crush as a teenager? Zac Hanson, who I got to meet at my first Hanson concert in 1997! (I'm in the back row, far left w/ orange shirt - 12 years old!)

4.  What is your "signature dish"? Pasta Salad
5.  What was the last movie you saw in the theater? The Last Exorcism
6.  What is your favorite scent for a candle? Evergreen/Christmas Tree
7.  What is your favorite pair of shoes? Toning Sandals
8.  Do you sing along with the car radio?  If I'm not listening to a book on tape or NPR, yes!

Now it's my turn!

1. What will you (or your kids) dress up as for Halloween?
2. What was the scariest movie you ever saw?
3. Favorite Halloween candy?
4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
5. What will you hand out to trick or treaters this year?
6. Favorite Halloween decoration/craft?
7. Do you shop on Black Friday?
8. What do you do to avoid gaining weight over the holidays?

I'm tagging eight people, but feel free to respond just for fun!!



Nancy said…
I am your newest follower
Kristin said…
I can't stop answering these questions!! I love yours! So, if you don't mind...lol.

1. I don't think they are (the two younger ones are 12 and 14)...but we'll see!
2. Hmmm. I don't know! Scariest. Hmmm. I don't watch too many scary movies, soooo it's hard for me to pick a scariEST. If I come up with one, I'll let you know.
3. Oh man. Fifth Avenue (when it used to have the peanut on top.)
4. I hope you mean holiday as in Christmas...because my favorite tradition is drinking hot chocolate and watching The Bishop's Wife by the light of the Christmas tree. (Pretty specific, right? LOL)
5. Probably the "good" stuff...like Reese's Cups and M & Ms. :)
6. Anything with skulls. LOL.
7. Ummm...*cough*...yes. *hides* In fact, one year...I ummmm...went to an outlet center at 11pm on THANKSGIVING...shopped there for about...4 hours, then went to Best Buy (for their opening)...then went to Kohl's. You betcha. I have problems. LOL.
8. Wait. Is there stuff you can do to avoid gaining weight? Nobody told me that!! OK, seriously...I bake TONS and TONS, so I actually don't find baked goods terribly tempting. I try to stay away from cakes and cookies as best as I can. That helps.

Keenly Kristin
Aww thanks for thinking of us! How fun!

That picture is a trip!! Too funny!!! That must have been a blast!
Busy Buzzer said…
Oh how fun!! I'll get my answers up in just a bit!

~ Busy Buzzer
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