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Sweetly You is an online store that carries scented bath and body products like lotions, foaming bath butter, sugar scrub, solid perfume,and dead sea bath salts. Their unique scents include signature scents similar to Bath & Body Works, Victoria®s Secret and whatever else you can imagine. Sweetly you knows that fragrances are a very personal choice, which is why they are dedicated to letting women find the right scent for them with their Fragrance Sampler Set of 10 sample size fragrances.

Sweetly You offers so many different fun scents that it was hard for me to pick just 10 to go in my Fragrance Sampler Set. I was craving sweets at the time (it doesn't help being on a low-carb diet with almost no sugar!) so I picked many delicious scents like Brown Sugar, Buttercream, Marshmallow Madness, and Sugar Cookie. Besides craving sweets, I also was very intrigued by these scent options and wanted to find out what they really smelled like.

The one thing I found that's very important when sampling different fragrances is to actually put them on your skin. Smelling these directly out of the bottle can get overwhelming, as with any perfume, and it's best to see what the fragrance is like when you are actually wearing it. The scent I found this most true with was Caramel Apple. In the bottle, it just smelled like a rich caramel, and I though it would be too sweet for me. But when I put it on, the apple scent came out and it was the perfect combination of sweet and rich. Caramel Apple is one of my favorite scents from Sweetly You! It's perfect for this time of year and when I wear it I feel cozy and warm because it reminds me of apple orchards and fall festivities. I love apples so this was the perfect scent for me.

My other favorites were surprisingly not all the sweet scents I had mentioned (Buttercream, Sugar Cookie...) Although they were fine fragrances and not too sweet or overpowering when you wear them, my favorites aside from Caramel Apple were actually the scents Flirty and Very Sexy. I had no idea what these would be like since their names are so generic, but Flirty was the best fragrance in my opinion. It's light, sweet, fun, and exactly like the name says - flirty. Very Sexy was a more rich fragrance and my roommate said it smelled like a Victoria Secret signature scent that she liked.

The only scents I didn't care for because they were a little too sweet for my taste were Cotton Blossom and Peaches N Cream. I have a sensitive nose so certain perfumes can give me a headache if they're too sweet, and I guess these just don't work for me. But that's not to say you wouldn't like them if you're into sweet perfumes!
All in all, it was great to be able to sample different fragrances to find what I like best. Caramel Apple is perfect for Fall and Winter, Buttercream and Sugar Cookie are awesome for the holidays, and Flirty and Very Sexy are great everyday or date perfumes. One idea my roommate had was that these sample fragrances would be perfect add-ons to Christmas gifts - You could order 10 sample bottles and attach them to your gifts as a fun addition! I think Sugar Cookie, Swiss Miss and Cranberry Peppermint would be great for that idea.

Sweetly You offers these fragrances in many different forms besides just perfumes too - lotions, bath salts, etc. You can even create customized gift packages for friends and family! Thanks Sweetly You!

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Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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