Petco Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest - 1st Place!

Guess what?? Dotty won 1st place in her first ever pet costume contest today at Petco!

There were lots of super cute dogs dressed up and even a cute little pet pig named Otis! I think he won 3rd place, he was dressed as a wizard but would've been just as cute without a costume. I couldn't believe Dotty won 1st place with all the competition she had! There were 3 judges and they judged using 3 categories: Uniqueness; How well the costume fits the pet's personality; and How well the costume fits physically on the pet.

I was so proud of Dotty, my little pirate puppy; She won a $15 Petco gift card, a pin with a first place ribbon, a certificate, and a free 8x10 portrait! We waited in line for awhile to get her portrait done and there were two poses that were absolutely adorable and I wanted them both so for one pose I got the free 8x10 and the other pose I used the gift card to buy a $9.95 package of an 8x10, two 5x7s, and some wallet size photos since it was the perfect pose - she had her costume on and was sitting really nice with her 1st place ribbon on, it was just adorable!
Needless to say, I probably wouldn't normally spend money for a professional dog photo, but since she won the contest and it was free with the gift card, I thought why not! Afterall, I bought her some treats too, and if I hadn't spent the gift card on the photo package and her treats, I probably would've spent it on cat litter which would be super lame. So anyway, it was really fun and Dotty is all worn out now after all the excitement! It's  fun to take her to events like that to socialize and get treats and even win things :)


Holly said…
Following you back! Congrats Dotty!
Incipient Wings said…
how completely adorable she is!!
she looks marvelous in her costume..well no wonder she won first place!
and what a clever way to spend the gift card.
congratulations to both of you.
have a great night.
Congrats To Dotty & You, her mommy. Dotty made a darling pirate.

Just wanted to say the Full Moon Tea Party is on. When you get a chance please fly by for my giveaways too...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:
Congratulations to Dotty!!! Jackson won 3rd place last year as a clown. This year he's going as an elephant..... He HATES his costume.....
Dragonfly said…
Well done to Dotty, she looks beautiful.
Oh she makes an adorable pirate!

Thanks for visiting me. Now I'm following you.

Congrats to Dotty and enjoy the week! :)


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