It's Heeeeeere! C4L's Halloween Haunt Kickoff!

C4L's Halloween Haunt has begun! Be on the lookout for scary reviews and spooky giveaways!
To get you in the Halloween spirit, I thought I'd share some fun photos and ideas. 

First, here's a pumpkin "carving" I found online that I thought was genius! Love the pumpkin seeds looking like sesame seeds on the "bun"!

This is the pumpkin carving I did last year of a Jack Russel Terrier, to look like my dog:

Here is my brother's Mario-inspired pumpkin from last year:

Here are some Halloween party ideas from All You magazine & website:

Batty invitations - download template here

Cute Cat Treat Bags

YOU'LL NEED • Lunch bags • Pencil • Scissors • Orange paper • Craft glue • Black marker • Toothpick • Raffia

1. Starting 6" from bottom of bag, use pencil to draw shape of top portion of a cat's head so ears are at sides of bag. Cut off top of bag along pencil line.

2. Cut a small triangle from orange paper for cat nose and glue to center of face. Draw eyes and a mouth with black marker.

3. Using a toothpick, poke 3 holes on each side of nose.

4. Cut 3 pieces of raffia into 8" lengths and then feed raffia through the holes to form whiskers across each face. Trim whiskers if needed.

 Creepy Fortune Scrolls

Write spooky, foreboding messages on note cards for your guests and 
use them to keep your silverware together.

YOU'LL NEED • 4" × 6" note cards • Black pen • Narrow ribbon

1. Write funny and creepy fortunes for your guests on note cards.

2. Roll them around silverware and tie with ribbon.


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