Halloween Haunt Event: Trick-Or-(Healthy)Treats

Do you think the neighborhood kids will hate me if I hand out 100-calorie snack packs and Crystal Light Pure Fitness packets on Halloween? Or maybe (hopefully) they will welcome getting something different, but still delicious!

I love these snacks, they don't taste like "health food", so I think kids will enjoy them. And the Crystal Light Pure Fitness are naturally-flavored so they don't have artificial ingredients like other low-calorie drink mixes, but yet they taste amazing!

I just want to do something different this year. And since I live on a frontage road, we don't get very many trick-or-treaters. So I figure, why not give them something good for them that isn't lame like an apple or toothpaste?

What are you going to hand out to trick-or-treaters this year?


Tallulah said…
I think those are excellent treats.
evil p0ptart said…
Hey, just responding back to your comment on my blog. I checked both the Halloween sites I linked to and found a few that were in size small for your pet? Just have to click on the clearance and or sale on either site.

It's the Nurse costume, Corpse Bride - both listed under clearance and Dogula - Click on Pet costumes, then sale for that one.
Jessica said…
I think they are great treats...but I know if I was a kid I would probably give them to my parents :)

As for passing out candy this year...not doing it...I would want to pass out fruit, and that is something that you cant really do so i would probably pass out an activity book or something. (I am lame what can I say )

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