Halloween Haunt Event: Easy Halloween Crafts

Staci at Lizard & Ladybug posted a great little Halloween spider craft and gave me permission to share it as part of my Halloween Haunt! This craft is incredibly easy. Unfortunately, I couldn't find rattan balls at the Dollar Tree where Staci said she found them, but I did have one rattan ball in my candle closet, so I spray painted it black for this project. Here is how my lone spider turned out:

And here are Staci's super easy instructions:

Here are all of my supplies.
I threaded the pipe cleaners through the rattan balls
(I thought of cutting the pipe cleaners hot gluing them on the sides...then I thought, forget it - just poke it through and bend)
What's better than 1 cute spider???  A bunch of cute spiders!

Thanks for the cute spider idea Staci! Check out her blog, Lizard & Ladybug.
I also saw a candy corn wreath craft in Woman's Day magazine, and made my own version using a wooden wreath from the dollar store, purple wire ribbon also from the dollar store, and candy corn. Here is the Woman's Day wreath:

I guess I didn't want to spend all night gluing candy corn so I did it my own way. I spray-painted the wooden wreath black, then wrapped it in the sheer purple wire ribbon. 

I then decided to glue random candy corn pieces for a fun Halloween look. It's important to either dry out the candy corn or use Modge Podge on the candy if you decide to preserve it after the wreath is already made. As for me, I don't think I'm going to save mine for another year so I'm not going to bother with preservation.


Anonymous said…
Those are adorable! I don't have ratan ball er... I dont think anyway. Not too sure what that is I guess. Is it a wiffle ball looking thing made from a vine or something? I'm sorry I don't have a clue! LOL! Anyway, I have plenty of styro foam balls so maybe I should stick to that! :-) Have a great Thursday!
Anonymous said…
Those spiders are adorable! Thanks for joining my Halloween Link Party!

- Megan

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