Halloween Haunt Event: Easy Halloween Mummy Candy Holder

Kate over at Not Just Decorating posted an awesome mummy candy holder tutorial, and gave me permission to share this fun craft with you all! Not only is it super easy, but you can make it with materials you have around the house! It literally took me less than 10 minutes to make mine!

 Here's what mine looks like (I call them Larry & Scary, lol):

Here are Katie's instructions, along with her photos (check out her post here):

First, cut the top off of your bottle using a box cutter or knife.
Now get that old tee shirt and cut the bottom off. Then cut around the shirt making one long strip. My strip was about 85 inches long and about an inch wide and I hardly used any of the shirt at all. I used pinking sheers because I thought it would add more interest.

Start at the bottom and put dabs of glue and just work your way up the container. I used hot glue gun because I want instant gratification but you could easily use regular glue. Decide where you want your eyes to go before you get too far up the bottle.

Cut a little bit of the fabric and glue a strip where the eyes will go and then glue on the eyes. Now just work your way around the rest of the bottle.

Get some candy corn or whatever candy and fill up the container.
Now you can sit back and admire your freebie creation!

As you can see, my creations (top of post) look different than Katie's here because I didn't have pinking shears and I decided to use different sizes of googly eyes for a different effect. I love that this is a way to reuse water bottles! I'll be using my twin mummies for my Halloween party as candy corn holders. Thanks for the great idea Katie!


Anonymous said…
So cute!!! My little girl and I are going to have fun with these new crafts!
michaela said…
Love it! We will be making these now!
Anonymous said…
Those are so cute! I may have to try making these myself. Thanks again for linking up!

- Megan
Anonymous said…
I just featured your project! :) http://www.polishthestars.com/2010/10/reader-inspired.html

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