Halloween Haunt Event: Decorations, Costumes & More!

Want to see what my puppy is going to dress as for Halloween?

I purchased this cute puppy costume on BuyCostumes.com for around $12.99. I also found a 10% off coupon code online to help with the price. They have clearance pet costumes also, but I wanted to get this cute pirate dress for Dotty to match with my pirate costume that I reviewed for Costume Super Center back in August:

Not only will we both be female pirates, but I decorated my basement as a haunted pirate ship for the costume party, so that everything goes along with the pirate theme!
As for the upstairs, I wanted it to look and feel like a creepy haunted house. Here are a few more decorations I added to the dining room and living room:

And here are the food labels I made with Microsoft Publisher. I just printed on cardstock, cut out and folded them and will set them next to each food item. I wanted to give all the food creepy names, so I have "Witches Brew", "Ghoul-ash", "Graveyard Goo", "Devilish Eggs", "Bloody Beverages", etc.

I also created some blood labels for the Cranberry Sierra Mist. The B Positive is regular, and A Negative is diet pop. (Found these labels and other ideas over at Polish the Stars):


Becky Jane said…
Looks like you'll have a spooktacular party! Your costumes are so cute!

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