Halloween Haunt Event: Cheap Decorating Ideas!

Here are some projects I worked on this weekend to "spook" my house up 
for my upcoming Halloween Haunt costume party!

Spooky Potions & Poisons
First, I went on the hunt for old bottles for a potions and poisons setup. My dad had a bunch of antique and cool-looking bottles in their shed so I cleaned the outsides of the bottles and left the insides dirty for my project.
Then I printed off some spooky potion labels that I found online - I just did a search for Halloween potion labels to find some free printable labels. I only printed a couple labels for the bigger bottles since I didn't feel the need to label them all.

Then for a couple of the bottles, I filled them with water and used food coloring to create colored potions. In a few of the bottles I added things I had leftover from other crafts, like googly eyes. I also cut up and twisted white pipe cleaners for the "Toadstool Clippings" bottle. And I used long white pipe cleaners for the bottle that I put the hand diagram label on, to look like finger bones.

I set up all the bottles to my liking on the antique buffet I have, and dressed it up with spiderwebs ($1 for a pack at Dollar Tree), candles in the background, my cute homemade spider, and a freaky portrait in the middle that I had also found and printed for free from the Web (no pun intended!)

 I think it turned out pretty spooky...

 ....Especially with the lights out!

Scary Scarecrow
When I was visiting my parents this weekend, my dad had actually put together a "scarecrow" made out of a large cardboard tube for the base and twisted up old vacuum hose for the arms and he threw an old hat and nightgown on it and was excited to show me his creation so I could use it at my house! I didn't think it was scary enough though, so I raided their box of old Halloween costumes and found a freaky Darth Vader mask to add to the scarecrow, and I also added some old overalls and gloves to make it more realistic.
What do you think - is it scary?

Ghastly Portraits
An easy way to make free Halloween decorations is by finding ghostly portraits online, printing them off, and inserting them into picture frames you already have! It couldn't be easier.

I also printed off a skull and carefully taped it onto a painting that I had hanging in the living room  to make it a haunted painting. I also tilted the entire painting on the wall so it looks like it belongs in a haunted house.

 Do you have any easy and cheap decorating ideas for Halloween?


Jodi said…
I am your newest follower from the blog hop!

Anna said…
Hi! I found you blog through the Tuesday Tag Along. I am your newest follower! Anna @ www.livinghealthyonabudget.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
Those bottles are amazing! I love the family portrait too! It's fun to find other people in blogland who enjoy the spooky side of Halloween decorating. :)

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