CSN Stores Upcoming Review

CSN Stores are going to let me do another review soon, and I love looking around on their site at all of the endless possibilities for things to buy. There are literally thousands of items to browse through! So how do you pick what to buy? Well for one thing, think about what you need first. Do you need a new end table for your living room? Check out these beauties:

CSN has 200+ stores that carry everything from home decor and furniture to shoes, car seats, and pet beds. I am thinking maybe a new pair of dressy boots or shoes might be in order? My shoe collection is very sparse and my winter boots are like 4 or 5 years old already. Which boots would you pick? Here are a few that I found that I think would be dressy yet functional for work:

Which pair do you think I should get? I love slip-on shoes, and for some reason I am drawn toward the first pair because they look like they'd work for any season, especially winter. Plus, I want a pair that I can not only wear out in the snow but also won't make my feet too hot when I go inside and walk around in a heated building.

I also considered getting a laptop cooling tray since my laptop gets so dang hot when I have it on my lap. 

Oh the possibilities...! 


Hi there! If you help me pick out my review, I will help you with yours, lol!

I think you should get the laptop cooler if you don't have one.... its super important!!! Take it from us, we recently had to purchase a new laptop! =)
Tallulah said…
looks like a great site, thanks for sharing.

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