Coobie Bra Review

I've often wished I had a "comfy" bra for the weekends, lounging around the house, or in the evenings at home when I want some support but don't need to wear a regular bra. I've never liked sports bras since most of them just push my chest together and it actually ends up hurting rather than supporting anything. Enter the Coobie Bra! The Coobie bra is more comfortable than a regular bra but dressier and less confining than a sports bra. It's great for everyday wear or when you just want to be comfortable!

The Coobie Seamless Bra is one size - fitting up to 36D - and has stretch fabric of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Coobie is different than sports bras because it has more support and shaping, has adjustable straps, and includes removable pads that you can use for enhanced shape. You can wear the bra with or without the pads, and in my case I took them out because I am on the high end of the size spectrum (36D) and didn't need the pads.

I received the Strappy Scoopneck in Endive and the Strappy V-Neck with Lace in purple. Both have adjustable straps and came with a set of clear interchangeable straps as well. I was so surprised at how well these two bras fit me since like I said, I'm more well-endowed. The bras were easy to get on and provided a very seamless look.

They are very comfortable and do provide adequate support, although I will mostly be wearing them at home or running errands since I will need underwire support for going to work or other occasions. But I am so happy to have comfy bras that I can wear around the house and on the weekends! The Coobie bra is great and if I had a smaller chest, I would even consider replacing my regular bra with the Coobie bra and wearing it every single day! I would recommend these to anyone who wants a comfy bra solution and wears a 32A - 36D bra.

Coobie bras come in several colors and three styles, and can be purchased online. They are also running a Breast Cancer Awareness Month special this week - Save $15 on any 3 or more bras. Simply enter coupon code "15" in the cart before checkout! Plus they will donate $1 per bra that you order.

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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