Thank YOU
for helping me reach 400 Google Friend Connect followers today on Cheapskate4Life! 

I am so happy I might puke....
Just kiddin ;) 

On another note, check out the cake I made for Halloween a few years ago! Just bake a regular cake (I chose chocolate), frost it, and line up ghost and pumpkin Peeps around the sides of the cake and push them onto the frosting so they stick. And there you have it! Easy as...cake!
I also put candy decorations on the top, but it would've been cuter with just the Peeps I think.


Shawn said…
I'm a new follower! Love your site!

Oh how cool is that cake. Yummy
The link to my button exchange is at the top of my blog . Just grab my button from there and leave me yours in a comment (html form) or send it to me Email and I will add yours.
CinnyBBS said…
Hi there,

Cute! Sorry I'm a bit late! :) Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm now following you back.
floating said…
Now I want cake. mmm that looks great
That's a really cool cake. I'll have to make one later this month. :)
Following you now!
Spinning Lovely Days
Mommybreath said…
Hoppin' back at ya! Thanks for visiting! :)
Amanda T said…
Hi There!

I'm a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along! I hope you'll stop by and follow me too!

And while your there please feel free to join in my blog hop, Wobble Over Wednesday. It's a great way to meet new friends and get new blog followers :)

I hope to see you there! :D
-Amanda T
Linda said…
Hi! I'm visiting (& following) from Wobble Over Wednesday.

Have a great day!

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy
SalemMomma said…
Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back! That cate is too cute, I think I'll do that this month.

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