Thursday Two Questions

This is me at the egg booth at the State Fair! Lol

My Two Questions for Thursday:
1) How do you like to cook eggs?
2) How do you make egg salad?

Obviously MARvelous


1) I love half-boiled eggs.. Yeah, the easiest way, just pour hot water over it and it sit in for like twenty minute or so... :)

2) Well, I will have some lettuce, apple, water melon, tomatoes and cucumber to go with eggs. Will slice the hard-boiled eggs and then mix them all together with some dressings... In fact, egg salad is the only time I take hard-boiled eggs or else I will stick to half-boiled eggs.. ;)
Self Sagacity said…
1) I like to make my eggs like very thin pancakes. Then cut them into strips. It is delicious that way. I am not so overwhelmed by the amount of eggs and my son loves it that way.
2) I never tried it actually. But I would hard boil it then just cut them up and throw them in with some baby spring.

Got me thinking about the food posts already. :-)
Hi, Just stopping by and following you from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop!
1. I like both poached and scrambled eggs.

2. I hard boil eggs, then mash them with a little mustard, mayonnaise and paprika.
Margaret Duarte said…
I love boiled eggs and omelettes. My egg salad has dried mustard in it, plus chopped up lettuce. Can't remember the rest. Would have to look it up.
Lui said…
Me and my dogs love hard-boiled eggs. For salads, I include fresh and raw ingredients like lettuce, chopped apples, nuts, green pepper, topped with olive oil and cheese! Hmmm yummy!
Icy BC said…
Boiled egg for me! I eat with a little salt and pepper, and for salad, I cut boiled egg in quarter, then top them on top a bed of baby greens..yummy!
Anonymous said…
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Big Mama said…
Thanks for linking up with the Just One Change. Join us next Tuesday for another edition!
ceemee said…
That is a cute photo!

I like half-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and cheese omelette. I don't make egg salad. :-)
No eggs...just a new follow :)

Donnie said…
1- I like scrambled eggs.

2- I make my egg salad the way my mom did. Mashed up egg, mayo, relish, salt and pepper. Nothing fancy.

Great questions.
DoanLegacy said…
1) I like scramble egg for breakfast!

2) Egg salad that I've eaten is with red potatoes..

Thanks for joining!

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