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As you may or may not know, I am attempting to become a "runner" (or jogger, if you will). And what better way to get motivated to run than with new workout clothes? Running Chics generously sent me one of their new thermals for my running adventures (which you can read about at Ready 2 Get Healthy.)

Since I was about to run/walk my very first 5k, I was super excited to get this thermal, and just in time for the fall weather! And thank goodness I got my thermal in time because it was 46 degrees on the morning of the 5k! I was SO thankful to have a thermal shirt. I picked out a white Bella Knit Thermal because I figured that way I can put any race shirt over the top of it or wear it plain too. It is super cute with the Running Chics logo and it even says "Running Chics" on the backside.

The thermal was not only warm, but it was thin enough that it wasn't bulky with layers and the sleeves were long as well as the length being nice and long too. They even sent me a nice canvas bag to hold my running gear, which I thought was really fun! I used it to bring along my stuff for the 5k, and felt proud to let everyone know that I am a "running chic."
Ready for the 5k
I love the Running Chics motto of "Life is a race ~ Be comfortable." The thermal I tried was very comfortable and I felt like a true runner while wearing it! The clothing from Running Chics is all very affordable with lots of selection. Plus, a percentage of all their sales is donated to the Republic and Springfield, MO, Girls on the Run program.

I am very happy with my Running Chics thermal and would recommend them for anyone, weather you wear it for races, casual strolls, or anytime when the weather cools down (which in MN is most of the year!) Thanks Running Chics!

Disclaimer: I was given a Running Chics thermal free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


Ruth said…
I always get new workout clothes to get motivated to work out, too! But what I really just need now is someone to watch my kids! :-)

I'm just popping in from Welcome Wednesday. Great blog! Stop by when you get a chance:
misszippy said…
They have great stuff, I agree. Glad you got to try it out. Keep up the good work!

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