Printable Halloween Party Games Pack Review

Have you ever hosted a party or family gathering and wished you had some fun games that everyone could play, like trivia or a crossword puzzle? Well look no further than this huge Halloween party games pack! They offer over 50 printable items, including scavenger hunts, trivia, party games and craft activities suitable for Halloween, Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving. It's so easy - just download and print the games you want!

I printed off several of the games for Halloween and didn't even get all of them yet - there are so many to choose from! They are quality games too, like interesting trivia, mad libs, crosswords, and easier games for younger children too. I love the graphics on all of these printable games, they are so much better than trying to create your own party games! They come with answer sheets too, and the trivia answers also include interesting facts with each answer.

I am very excited to use these at the Halloween party I plan to host and then give prizes to the guests who answer the most questions correctly (or finish the puzzles first). I have already played a few of them myself to see what they were like, and I thought they were very fun. I liked the Stephen King book trivia and the horror movie trivia, those were my favorites so far. I also printed several of the Harvest/Thanksgiving theme games so that I can bring them for our family Thanksgiving with all the relatives - games like these help us all stay awake after a big meal!

It costs $19.95 for over 50 of these games in the Halloween Party Games Pack, and since they are instant downloads, you won't have to wait for anything to come in the mail. Just download and print whenever you want! So if you are looking to host a Halloween party or even attend one, check these out! They will be the hit of the party!

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