One Lovely Blog Award

Glitter Words

Thank you to TLCfree2bme over at shhhhhjustbetweenume
for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award - C4L's very first award!

By accepting this award I have agreed to pay it forward.

I will be contacting these great bloggers today to let them know that I have chosen them for this award and then it is their turn to pass it on!


Carol said…
Thank you so much! It was so sweet of you to give me an award!
Marissa O. said…
Thank You! That was so sweet of you and it made my Friday! :)

Fuyume said…
lovely blog im following you through design chic's friday blog hop :)

xxx love from the UK
DoanLegacy said…

Followed through Friday parties!
Melissa said…
I'm so honored! Thank you!

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