Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Do you have Medica health insurance? If you do, make sure you are taking advantage of the Medica My Health Manager to earn gift cards! I just redeemed 35 credits on My Health Manager for a $35 Barnes and Noble gift card, with which I will be buying Season 4 & 5 of Scrubs DVDs (only $14.39 each on BN online, plus free shipping!) I've earned up to $125 in gift cards each year, and have gotten everything from Target to Kohls to Red Lobster to Walgreens gift cards! You can save up your credits to get one $125 gift card or you can redeem them in small chunks for different stores like I do. All you do for this particular rewards program is complete different health activities or programs on the website to earn credits. It's so easy and an awesome way to score some free stuff!

What are some rewards programs you take advantage of?


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