Good Info for Women from Lipo in a Box/Connie Elder Intl.

When I received my items from Lipo in a Box for my review & giveaway (view that post here), there were also several different reading materials included in the box, like a product booklet and informational things about the causes that Connie Elder, the company founder, supports and donates a percentage of profits to each year - including breast cancer research and domestic violence centers. There was also a bookmark that had some pertinent information on the back side that would have benefited me if I'd read it during the past two years, or even before that. I thank God every day that I am no longer in that situation. So I wanted to share this with my readers, just in case it could somehow benefit one of you:

A respectful relationship is not too much to expect or hope for... Don't compromise or lower your expectations. Did you know that the behaviors below are signs of an abuser?
  • Isolates you from others
  • Blames others for their problems
  • Gets upset easily
  • Controlling behavior
  • Explains how you are always wrong
  • Speaks disrespectfully of women
  • Says hurtful things to you
  • Expects you to be perfect
  • Threatens you
  • Cruel to children and/or animals
  • Quick involvement with you
  • Inappropriate sexual request
Does your partner practice these behaviors frequently? If so, you are not alone. One in Three women experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime. Relationship abuse, like breast cancer, knows no boundaries. Women and men from all walks of life are affected. (Then it lists the number for the National Confidential & Caring Support Line - 1-800-799-7233) 

In my situation, the individual displayed 10 out of the 12 things on the list, and then some... So when I read through the list on the bookmark, it kind of hit me that - Wow, that really was bad. Sometimes when you're in that situation, you might rationalize that maybe it's not as bad as you think or maybe you are just over-exaggerating things, and sometimes the abuser even tries to convince you that it's your fault. Or you might think that nobody would consider it abuse. So to see that these things really are signs of abuse, well, it really hits home. And unfortunately it can happen at any stage in life and from someone you'd least expect it from. Hopefully nobody here has dealt with this, but if you have or are currently dealing with it, I am here for support!


I am so sorry that you had to go through that : (
That must have been horrible. Hopefully you are away from that situation now!
Cheapskate4Life said…
Thanks Amanda, I appreciate your support. It finally ended 4 months ago. I literally felt like I was freed after he left. And I am thankful that I had my family & friends to help me through it and that my pastor gave me the advice and support that I needed - If not for that, I might still be stuck in that abusive marriage.
Good for you for getting yourself out of that situation and wanting to empower other women to do the same!

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Kristina said…
This is a great post. So many women don't realize that the things they consider "small" or the things they try to rationalize that their partner does to them actually IS abuse. A lot of women are scared to speak up, or think that things aren't that bad when they really are. Thank you for posting this.

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Thank you!
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