Fabulous Pink Laddie-Toos Review

Fabulous Pink Laddie-Toos is a company created by a mother of four who loves to sew and wanted to create a product to help improve well-being and soothe aches and pains. Her creations - Aromatic Comfort Rice Bags & Wraps (aka Pink Confetti Soothers) - are rice bags with lavender aroma that serve as either a cold pack if you freeze them, or a heating pad if you warm them in the microwave.

These rice bags invigorate just about any weakened or poor circulated area of the body and at the same time, soothe and calm nerves through gentle therapeutic aromatherapy. They also come with protective covers that can be washed over and over again, so there is no need to worry about how you will keep the bags or wraps clean - all you have to do is take the cover off and throw it in the washer!

The Pink Confetti Soothers I received are so cute and very durable. I really like that there's velcro on one end of the cloth covers so that you can take it off of the rice bag to wash it. That's especially important since these soothers will no doubt be used often and on many parts of my body, so they're bound to need washing eventually. I tried these out both by freezing and microwaving. During the summer, using it as a cold pack is especially nice. I used the chilled big wrap on my neck and the small one over my eyes. The next night I heated them to use as a heating pad. I used the big one on my lower back while I was sitting up, and the small one on my shoulder. I was really impressed with how long these stayed warm, and the lavender scent was very soothing. I love that I can use these in place of a heating pad, and they're even better than an electric pad because the rice conforms to your body and adds a little pressure which helps relieve pain too. These will be great for stomach cramps, I can already guarantee that! I also realized, thanks to Fabulous Pink Laddie-Toos facebook page, that I can even use these on my hands when they ache from using a computer mouse all day. They would also be great for arthritis pain. FabulousPink LaddieToos actually just came out with a black hand rice bag for this very purpose, so be sure to check that out!

You can find more info and product photos either on the Fabulous Pink Laddie-Toos facebook page or their website. To order, email Kate at fabulouspinkladdietoos@gmail.com!

Disclaimer:  I was given a set of Pink Confetti Soothers free of charge  for the purpose of this  review.  All opinions are my own experiences  with the product.  Individual results  may vary. No other compensation  was given.


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