Dream Water Review

Last night was the perfect night to test out the Snoozeberry Shot I got from Dream Water. Yesterday afternoon I had consumed a substantial amount of caffeine for the first time in 5 years -- I'd been avoiding it since it kind of makes me sick. I just felt the need for it and am trying to wean myself back onto it. I know that is backwards since most people are weaning themselves off of caffeine, but man alive do I feel productive when I have a little caffeine! I have missed out for 5 years, so why not start now? (Lol)

Anyway, I was wide awake redecorating my house until 1:30 a.m. last night, and finally I decided I needed my Snoozeberry Shot. I only drank half the bottle because it was already so late that I didn't want to zonk out and not wake up in the morning (although with Dream Water I don't think that happens.) Let's just say I slept like a baby! I did not wake up until the morning, and actually was able to wake up and get to work on time for once. I definitely recommend Dream Water for anyone who has trouble sleeping or just has too much on their mind at night (or has had too much caffeine that day!) Take it a half hour before bedtime and you will have sweet dreams for sure! Plus you won't have to worry about extra calories because there are zero in Dream Water.

If you'd like a Snoozeberry Shot, you can actually try it free and just pay $2.49 shipping and handling, just visit their website. Also, make sure you follow the directions - don't drive or try to function after using Dream Water, and don't mix it with alcohol or medicines!

Disclaimer:  I was given Dream Water free of charge  for the purpose of this  review.  All opinions are my own experiences  with the product.  Individual results  may vary. No other compensation  was given.


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