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Even though it's only the end of August, it seems like everyone's thinking about Fall now that school is starting and the weather is getting cooler. So when I was given the chance to pick out a costume from, I jumped at the chance, because before we know it, Halloween will be here!  Not only are costumes useful for Halloween, but they are also great for theme parties or just for fun - And CostumeSuperCenter has something for any occasion. Plus they have costumes for everyone from infants to teens to adults to pets!

I looked through the entire selection of plus size costumes, and was very pleased to find many different costumes that I wanted to try and knew I'd look good in! Of course, when I came to the section of pirate costumes, I couldn't resist (I love pirates!!) I ended up picking out the Buccaneer Beauty Adult Plus Costume and I'm very pleased with how I look in it! It took me about ten minutes to get it on and looking good - I only had to check the photo on the package once because I had put the corset belt on upside down and realized it wasn't right. I also forgot to pull the top down to bare my shoulders for the "sexy" look when I took my photo. But that's the nice thing about these costumes is that you can wear it your way, whether it mirrors the photo on the package or not. Although I do think I'll wear it with my shoulders bared like on the package since I think that will look better.

This costume consists of only four main pieces - skirt with red sash attached, top, corset belt, and headscarf. All the pieces fit perfectly back in the package when I was done, and the package has a hanger attached to it so I was able to hang it right in the closet for storage, which I thought was really nice. What I like most about the plus size costumes are the fact that they fit a wide range of sizes so even if I lose twenty pounds by Halloween (hey, it's possible!), this pirate costume will still fit fine and will look even better on me! The material and accessories are made to stretch or be adjusted so that they can fit any size and shape, up to size 22 according to the package.

I've never actually had a store-bought costume before -- I've had maybe some purchased accessories or when I was little my mom would buy us those hard plastic strawberry shortcake (or whatever character) masks that had eye & mouth holes and were hard to breath and see in, lol. Those masks were kind of creepy too! But I've never gotten a packaged costume like this, so it was really fun to try! I thought I looked pretty cute and I am very excited for Halloween now.

I think I might even have a Pirate-themed costume party since I have lots of pirate accessories and decorations already! How fun would that be? I could even dress up my dog as a pirate (Yes, CostumeSuperCenter has a dog pirate costume!) My experience with CostumeSuperCenter was great - the costume shipped very fast, was good quality, and they have an amazing selection of costumes for every shape and size. I would recommend for all your costume needs!

Disclaimer: I was given a costume free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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