Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight Saturday

Well, the weekend is finally here and I am having a lazy Saturday! It's been great! Of course, part of the reason I haven't done much yet today is because my entire body hurts from run/walking a mile yesterday. It was my first time actually running! I just did short spurts between walking, but I am still proud of myself! Of course, my touch cell phone was in my little backpack and it called a bunch of people while I was running, but I guess that's the downfall of taking your phone along when you run!

On another note, I just received some awesome products to review and I'm very excited to test them out! I think I will do that now :) Which reminds me - THANK YOU to all my followers for your support! I can't believe we have surpassed 50 followers already! I truly appreciate your support and interest in my blog.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone - I hope you find some time to be lazy today too!


Songberries said…
I'm following you from Saturday Spotlight!
Will you follow me?
smashbravo said…
Happy Saturday..

New followers from the blog hop.

I don't think I would have the stamina to run and talk on the phone. If I did that I would most likely pass out...LOL

See you later!
Hi, I am following you from Saturday Spotlight. You can follow me back at

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