Saving Money with At-Home Manicures (Sally Hansen Review)

Although I probably would never pay for a salon manicure, I know that many people do pay for them or pay even more for acrylic nails. I can understand spending that much money on nails for a big event like a wedding, but for everyday use, why not go the Cheapskate4Life route?

I recently bought some Salley Hansen salon-type nail products to try, and now I want to share my experience with you. The first thing I tried was the 5-minute French Manicure Pen Kit. It comes with a clear coat, a nude or pink-colored coat (there are 3 shades to choose from) and a French tip pen. The instructions say to brush on a clear coat as a base, then use the pen to create white tips, then cover the entire nail with the color and use the clear coat as a topcoat. However, I found that putting the nude color over the white tip really made it look yellowish after a few days and not exactly salon quality. So I tried again, this time excluding the nude color altogether. It looked much better, however it chipped off in about a week, and was too much work to keep doing over and over again! (P.S. - It took me more than 5 minutes!) I will save this kit for special occasions or when I really want my nails to look long.

The other Sally Hansen nail treatment I tried was the new Complete Salon Manicure nail color. It claims to be "All 5 steps of a Salon Manicure in one bottle" which sounds pretty good to a busy gal who just wants some color on her nails! So I bought Gilty Pleasure Frost, a gold color, to see how this worked! The brush is wider with shorter bristles than regular nail polishes, which makes it easier to cover the whole nail in one swipe. The nail color itself was very sheer with the first coat, so I had to put on two coats. But it dried very fast and is so easy to do! I really like the color too, it is a nice bronze summer color. The only downfall is that the color started wearing off after a few days, but it was super easy to swipe on a few more coats to keep it looking fresh. Plus, it really helped my nails grow and not break off like they usually do -- You can see the difference in length from when I did the 5-Minute Manicure a few weeks ago!

Whatever brand or type of nail product you choose, just keep in mind how much money you're saving by doing your own manicure! Do you have a favorite nail product? Leave a comment to share it with all of us Cheapskates! :)

Disclaimer: The opinions in this review are my own. I was not compensated in any way for this review.


Lisa said…
Great tips! Now I just have to figure out how to get the paint on straight!
Stopping by to follow you from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend!
I love nailpolish! I'm trying to grow my nails a little longer, they keep peeling off. I think I need more calcium in my diet :)

Thanks for stopping by and I'm you're newest follower - and also a cheapskate! I LOVE to get a good deal!
Merideth said…
Thanks for following me! I followed you back :)
Happy Friday!
Debbie said…
Hi there....this is great info....I am following you back from NFF!
KimD said…
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Anonymous said…
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