I am hosting a Playstation Move party!

I was recently chosen by House Party as one of 1000 people in the U.S. to host a Playstation Move Ultimate Block Party in August! This means that PlayStation® will be sending me a super-stuffed party pack which will include the new Playstation Move motion controllers (before they even hit stores), and PlayStation®Eye camera as well as games to keep my guests entertained all party long!

This exclusive first play of PlayStation®Move and Move games is a truly unique experience, and I am so excited for the opportunity to host this party!

This is the first House Party I have been chosen for, but I have been applying for them since April. If you would like a chance to host a future party and get a party-pack, sign up for House Party and get your party started!

Happy Saving!


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Bree said…
Very cool! Congrats...thanks for entering the giveaway at breebee.com- just a few more days left until we draw a winner!

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