Fancy Meeting You Monday 7/26

 Fancy Meeting You 

I am joining Fancy Meeting You Mondays and I would love for you to follow me! I just started this blog recently and am trying to expand it into not only a deal and freebie site, but also a place for reviews and giveaways. Please help me get this blog started and you won't regret it! I have some great reviews coming from health supplements to skin care, as well as new coupon tips and free samples to sign up for! I am excited to check out all your blogs too!


Andrea said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following! I'm following you back!

Anonymous said…
It's a pleasure to meet you at Fancy Meeting You Monday! You did the blog post just fine. I am now following. Welcome to our blog hop!

hi, i found you through Fancy Meeting You Monday
i am now following you
i wanted to subscribe via email but you dont have a feedburner box:(
(its easier for me to keep up with then rss)
please stop by my blog and check it out!
i have a giveaway going on and some new features
you can also subscribe via email, follow me on twitter and add me on facebook (the buttons are in the left column)
E B said…
Cristin - Thanks for the tip! I am still learning and trying to improve my blog, so I will now be adding a feedburner box :) I subscribed to your blog via email also!
Amy said…
Following you back from monday
Congrats on the 1st give away coming up :D
Excited to see what else you have to post!

I'm a new follower now!
pmbaby said…
looking forward to following you for good things

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